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HRUK IT division is a recruitment firm with upstanding morals, values and integrity; advocating for our clients. We have an outstanding record of success in filling positions for a diverse and growing client base. We believe in delivering a quality, outstanding service united with objectivity and providing a service that is highly competitive.

In today’s culture of rapid technological expansion, it is more vital than ever for your company to stay ahead of the competition. Every company’s success is due to their personnel and the relationship they hold with your clients, so finding the best quality staff to drive your business is paramount to your long term success within the market place.

IT recruitment is a highly competitive market. The quality of staff we source at IT HRUK is the commodity that we trade in. Therefore attracting and retaining the very best IT recruitment professionals is absolute to our success. Consequently, we take pride in the quality of work and our professionalism.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on our ability to source and secure the finest talent for every position, so much so, that unlike other recruitment firms, we do not have any start up costs in place and we do not charge for sending CV’s. Our fee is only applicable once you have successfully interviewed and offered one of our candidates the position. With this model, we absorb the risk and therefore you only pay for a candidate that has filled the vacancy. Our success is based  on your success.

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Our IT Search and Selection Recruitment Services

We are well trained recruitment professionals with the relevant business knowledge about recruitment best practice. Our consultants have the passion and tenacity to enable our clients to appoint the very best senior individuals for their company. We concentrate on developing our knowledge and skills and continue to build a highly regarded reputation.

We have sharpest specialist recruiters in industry, with fingertip access to highly accomplished candidates, we offer an unrivalled service in the provision of first-class recruitment solutions to the UK and across the globe.

Specialist IT Recruitment Consultants

Recruitment Experience - 26 years
Relevant Sector Experience - 15 years
Customer Service - 100% committed
Commitment to our clients - 110%

What Our Candidates Say About Our Staff

We are very proud of the feedback we have received from our candidates, within the IT sector. These testimonials include not only the quality of our work and our commitment, but also our innovative ways of changing the way we work.

Michael Mason – Senior Developer

Bradley is a young, enthusiastic, tenacious guy who’s confident in what he does and great at developing relationships and breaking down barriers.

Of all the recruitment consultants I have come across (and there are a few out there believe me) Bradley & HRUK are in my top 1 list of consultants that I’d pick the phone up to when looking.

I’m a developer and to get a consultant who “gets it” is hard. Most of them just ask dumb questions and have no idea how to code themselves so to have someone I could talk to intelligently about what I would like to do was a relief.

I’m hoping I don’t need to use his services again as a job seeker. However, If you’re a company looking for a consultant to fill a technical role I’d recommend Bradley & HRUK in a heartbeat. In fact I’d have to think hard to come up with other names for you

Yamuna Sharika – Senior PHP Developer

HRUK’s Bradley was an invaluable asset whilst searching for the right career. Bradley secured me three interviews in few weeks, of which two offered me full time positions & all of which were wholly match to my field of expertise.Throughout the process he dealt with my application professionally & kept me regularly informed without being over bearing or pushy in anyway.

Bradley gave me good advice & tips to assist me in interview. He is also good in liaising with the recruiters & representing us positively.

From all recruiters that I’ve dealt with on my search for a career in IT, I would recommend none more than HRUK & Bradley. He is friendly, supportive & highly reliable.

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