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This recruitment process lasts around one hour per candidate and is normally carried out face to face. During this time we look to ascertain that the Healthcare candidate has; skills, abilities, reasons for changing jobs, working strengths and weaknesses, key achievements, motivational drivers and their management style. By understanding these key components, we will be able to determine whether the candidate will be successful in their new role. Whilst also ensuring we are employing only the highest quality of staff.

Salary and Industry Surveys

Benchmarking can be a valuable tool in order to ensure you are being competitive. IT HRUK will work with you to ascertain the information you require. We will then use our wide industry knowledge, and contacts, to ascertain this information. All surveys are treated with the strictest of confidence.

Networking & Sourcing Channels

By utilising our combined years of knowledge, within the recruitment industry, we are able to source candidates via referral, headhunting and networking. This forms part of our IT recruitment solution which also uses other traditional recruitment methods, in order to obtain maximum coverage for your position.

Hiring volumes and hiring budgets for 2015

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Timing is key

As you are probably aware, good quality IT professionals do not stay on the market for long. It is therefore immensely important that the recruitment process is ‘managed’ properly and the momentum is ‘maintained’, from the initial instance when the CV’s are sent through to the final appointment. This process requires commitment from both the recruitment company and the client, due to this we look to take the lead in managing and maintaining communication throughout the recruitment drive.


Once we have finished interviewing, we look to obtain at least two written references. This is to ensure all staff that we employ directly, and recruit for, are of the highest standard. We seek to only put forward candidates we are proud to represent, and those who have quality references that reflect a good character.

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